• Piggy and Josh Corner

    #149 Cockeyed [PIGGY AND JOSH]

    17th April 2022  /  Chasin The Racin


    This week on Chasin’ the Racin’ we are joined, due to popular demand, by Piggy Pete, Chrissy and Dom’s mechanic, as well as Josh Corner to discuss topical goings on in the racing world and updates from both of the boys regarding their 2022 seasons and even a couple of Piggy’s infamous jokes thrown in […]

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  • #102 Piggy In The Middle [PETER CLIFFORD + PIGGY]

    22nd May 2021  /  Chasin' The Racin'


    We are delighted to be joined by the Data Engineer for FHO Racing, Peter Clifford alongside Piggy Pete. Powered by Colchester Kawasaki CLICK BUY DELIVER www.colchesterkawasaki.co.uk Merchandise available: www.chasintheracin.com/merchandise/ SOCIALS Facebook: www.facebook.com/motorbikepod Twitter: www.twitter.com/motorbikepod Instagram: www.instagram.com/motorbikepod Patreon: www.patreon.com/motorbikepod

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  • #077 Men In Pink – SEASON REVIEW

    2nd November 2020  /  Chasin' The Racin'


    We are delighted to be joined by Piggy, Kev and Lundy, three members of Chrissy’s race team from 2020 to recap the championship-winning year. Powered by Colchester Kawasaki, CLICK, BUY, DELIVER! www.colchesterkawasaki.co.uk Big thanks to our Patrons for the support, to join check www.patreon.com/motorbikepod @MotorbikePod Merch: www.chasintheracin.com  

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